pressure vessel
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pressure vessel

Hydrothermal synthesis reactorPressure vessel shell
1. Product Features:
(1) This product is a simple and fast experimental equipment. It is mainly used for reaction of small amount of material. According to the materials proportion and response time differences, it can achieve a variety of reactions which helps users obtain expected experimental data in a short time.
(2) It’s hard to add conventional stirring system because of relatively small volume. There’s rotating shaft and motors controlled by inverter in the incubator box. The hydrothermal synthesis
reactors are fixed on the rotating shaft by clamp, which changes the static reaction to rotating function, to improve reaction effect.

2. Components:
(1) Jack screw bolt (2) kettle cover (3) Butterfly spring pad (4) Flat Head
(5) Lining cover (6) Liner (7) Bottom cover (8) Kettle body

3. Product Category:
The design temperature of this product is 300
, design pressure 6Mpa.
There are two types of working temperature according to the different liner in the hydrothermal synthesis reactor.
(1) If the liner is F4, then the working temperature ≤ 200
, long time working temperature of 180 .
(2) If the liner is alignment polystyrene, the temperature ≤ 235
, long time working temperature of 210 .
4. Use Caution:
(1) When assembly, first loose the jack screw, tighten the kettle body and cover with a wrench, and then tighten the jack screw.
(2) When disassembly, first loose the jack screw and then unscrew the kettle body and cover.
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